Twinning isn’t winning

Once upon a time, when I was a small child…

my mother would push, push, and push myself and Tori to play together. This was fine, for a long period of time. But eventually I got to the age of 11/13 where I started finding this bloody irritating. I wanted to have my own group of friends, and I wanted to be my own person. Myself and my two other sisters are very close in age. At times, it has felt that we are in fact triplets.

Again, at times this has been cute, others not so much. I fully believe all children should feel, like their ‘own’ person.

And whether we like it or not. The material items on our backs do add to this. Whether we try to or not, everything we wear does show us what kind of person we are. Even if you hate clothing, fashion etc, it does give us an insight to who you are. And I fully believe style doesn’t have a price tag. No matter who you are, no matter how rich or poor your personality does in-fact shine through.

And yes. I over think into everything. I’m a Sagittarius. Deal with it. I like to find out and pick at everything to see and understand, how it works. And I’ve had a ‘Eureka’ moment this morning. I’ve finally figured out why I hate ‘twinning’ so much.

For those of you who do not know what ‘twinning’ means. It’s simply to dress either yourself and your child the same. Or your children the same. Or it could be your dog, horse, cat. If you’re into being a saddo. Lol joke. Not joking.

Spencer’s Ex girlfriend used to dress Florence and her daughter in the same clothing. This made me want to throw up in my mouth, a hundred times until my eyeballs fell out. Sorry I find it so unbelievably tacky. Florence over time started turning into her daughter. The scraped back neat buns in her hair (again throwing up) it was just not her, or our thing.

I would never put my children into the same outfit. Because I believe, they should be unique. Florence chooses her own clothing and what she does with her hair, because I feel like she has the right to choose. Same with Rex and Dot. Lol they’re babies. You might be thinking? But trust me. They choose. And if they wanted to wear the same thing then I would let them. But I would never force them to do so.

Well what about if you had actual twins? This for me. Would even be, a bigger NO. Twins already feel this (at times) nuisance of feeling like the same person. I personally find it even more unfair to put them in the same outfit.

Let your children shine through, to be their own, individual person. Everything they read, wear, play with, who they play with, what music they listen to, all adds up to shape them, into the person they are, or who they want to be. This is why I’m very overly aware, with what my children wear. I’m not going to place Dot into a princess themed top stating ‘beauty sleep’ is the most important thing in life. Fuck that. I want her to go climb a tree and pretend she is a pirate and tell all the boys who’s boss.

I’m just not into forcing anything on my kids. And let’s be honest. Most children can’t stand being lumped into the same clothing. So maybe respect that? If your kids love it, then that’s also cool. It’s all about learning their boundaries. They will someday have to grow up and make their own choices, and understand how to do that. And have the confidence in doing that. So allow them. Small choices here and there. I believe it’ll make a huge difference

Thank you for listening to my TED talk


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