My New year resolution

It’s a new thing for me. Taking these resolutions seriously, because last years resolution, I actually did keep it up! Purchasing second hand clothing for myself, for a whole year. woo (I will continue doing so too). So last night I had a good hard think… what was going to be my ‘stick to it’ thing for 2019?

Apart from the obvious little bits like, working hard on my blog, and using my reusable coffee cup at Costa Coffee, and not eating meat, I wanted to set the bar higher, like I did in 2018 and do something a little more challenging.

I’m going to say the word ‘no’ more often.


you’re probably thinking….

is that it?

But, saying the simple word ‘no’ is quite powerful.

Especially if you’re a woman. A people pleasing woman, who at times feels as though they have no identity as a stay at home mum.

If I don’t want to go out to a certain place, I’ll politely say “no”.

If I don’t want to respond to a text message/phone call or email, I won’t do it.

If I don’t want to buy my children the magazine they’re throwing a wobbler over, I’m going to say “no”.

If I suddenly get crippling social anxiety whilst I’m out, I will be kind to myself and leave.

If someone asks me to do themselves a favour, which isn’t possible or practical I will say “no”.

If I don’t like something, feel awkward, or have a bad gut feeling about it, I simply won’t put myself into that situation anymore.

I don’t need to speak to people who do not support me, help me grow as a person, or who are not kind to myself or my children. I don’t need to have toxic people (blood relative or a friend) in my life. I have only just come to terms with the fact that, SOME people, no matter who you are, or what you do, won’t ‘get you’ or understand what your life choices may be. And that’s fine.

Because I (nor do they), need me in their lives.

I want to be the least intelligent/open minded person in a room full of people. So that I, with their help can learn and grow even more.

I want to read many books and give even more love to my children. And learn to love myself fully.

I don’t need to laugh along with jokes I do not find funny.

I don’t need to agree with something someone says to fit in.

I don’t need to maintain pointless relationships. That being on social media or in real life. I don’t have to people please, even for my fiancé or my children.


That’s my 2019 stick with it thingy. What’s yours?


3 thoughts on “My New year resolution

  1. Ooh I like that goal, but it is so tricky to be strict and keep to your convictions, even when you know you’re right (“no” can be such a hard word to say sometimes)…good luck! I also love your 2018 goal to buy only second hand clothes, that must have taken dedication and a LOT of browsing!! Happy New year!

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    1. Thank you! It is a tricky one! I think women especially just get on with it and don’t like to complain but I’m going to put my foot down and put myself first! Hope you had a lovely New Year’s Day xx


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