#FestiveFeminism part 4 with Mitchell

Oi oi saveloy we’re back with festive feminism. This time I’ve got the pleasure of asking my fiancé some questions on the F word.

Mitchell has come a long way over the years. And I think unfortunately that is the case, for a lot of men. It’s harder for men to jump on board with feminism, because it’s portrayed in such a bad light, and men don’t know what it really feels like to be, a woman, or what it’s like to feel the struggle. But once men, try, listen and stand with us. They get a glimpse of our struggle. I have so much respect for any guy who comes forward as a feminist. To achieve equality we need men AND women to fight the good fight.

When did you become a feminist?

I’d say a couple of years ago.

Do you feel ashamed about how you once spoke about women?

Yes. And I wish, somebody had explained sooner that this was unacceptable. Or why it was unacceptable.

How can women get men on board with feminism?

I think the word feminism, is, associated with hating men rather than it’s actual meaning, equality of the sexes. If more men understood the real meaning, it wouldn’t be such a dirty word.

Should women be paid the same as men in sport?

*heated debate which lasts 25 mins*

Where the circumstances are equal then yes.

Should sport be gendered?

There are some sports where it is necessary and others not. For example, I don’t think golf should be gendered. Or darts.

Who is your feminist role model?

You. Because you’re very passionate.

Do you think growing up in Guernsey makes it difficult to be a feminist?

Yes, because Guernsey is about 20 years behind the rest of the western world. In a lot of ways. People still hold outdated views.

Name something you once felt about women that you’re embarrassed about now?

That the were less capable of doing the same jobs.

Has having a daughter, changed your outlook on feminism and women?

Yes 100%. Because men aren’t often the victims of sexism, it’s difficult to sympathise with something you don’t understand. And having a daughter makes it a bit easier to relate to the situation.

Name one thing you think men struggle with due to gender stereotypes?

Expressing their feelings. Which explains why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45.

What would you say or do if one of your children told you they wanted to transition?

I’d be upset to say goodbye to that child, but there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for my children so I would support them.

Why is international men’s day important?

To highlight issues specific to men. Such as suicide, male cancers, etc.

What do you think could be done to help the LGBTQ community feel more safe, and happy?

Giving them the same rights and treating them the same.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable about myself being attracted to both men & women?

No, I love you for you.

You coach a football team, have things gotten better with regards to sexism, racism, homophobia in football?

Yes. But there is still a very long way to go.

Do you think we will reach equality in our life time?

No I don’t. I think our generation will make vast improvements but I don’t see it happening soon. It will take time to eradicate differences from the past.

4 thoughts on “#FestiveFeminism part 4 with Mitchell

  1. This is great! I often have heated debates about feminism with my boyfriend. He’s come from a background where feminism definitely equates to man-hating. I’d like to think his views are changing, but it frustrates me that we still don’t see eye to eye on a lot of related things. Thankfully he’s open to talking about it. I actually think it takes quite a lot of bravery for a man to say he’s a feminist; I’m hopeful we’ll get there! Good on your man for having embraced it so fully! Xx

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