Oh hello, Turtle Bay!

“They’ve even put watermelon slices in our drinks mummy!” HUSH Florence! Act natural, complimentary meals happen all the time for us. (They really don’t) this was my (our) first ever complimentary meal, and MY GOD wasn’t it a good’n.

Now that I’m vegetarian, I usually struggle to pick something that I like or actually fancy eating. Turtle bay, have so many options to choose from. I went with the aubergine curry, with pita bread and sweet potato fries on the side. And I wish I could rewind time to eat it all again.

The cocktails are incredible. There are so many choices, and they aren’t over powering with an alcoholic taste. It’s a good blend.

Florence had the non alcoholic raspberry cocktail. She felt like a big girl, and it was nice for her to feel involved with the grown ups.

Our waitress Kate, was so efficient and very sweet. She made us all feel welcome and at ease. The atmosphere is child friendly, and there is a natural buzz around the restaurant, so if you have kids who are great at having tantrums (eye roll) then it won’t disrupt the other guests as it’s a perfect environment with no judgement around. Calming Caribbean music in the background and lots of different types of guests such as , young adults, families, groups of work colleagues and groups of friends, there’s something for everyone at turtle bay.

The portion sizing for the kids was really impressive. Both Florence and Rex went for the smaller sized plates, yet their meals were really generous. They had Pitta and dip for starters which is complimentary on their menu, and they loved it. The hamburger and chips got a thumbs up from Florence.

Turtle bay has been given a Christmas make over. With beautiful lights hung up around the restaurant. Even outside the restaurant, and the surrounding area, Winchester feels so Christmassy. It was such a lovely atmosphere and the perfect touch to a family meal out. We don’t go out for food in the evening, it’s quite stressful sometimes with all three children but we all really enjoyed ourselves. And I want to thank Turtle Bay Winchester restaurant, from the bottom of my heart. It was perfect.

Food 10/10

Service 10/10

Drinks 10/10

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