#FestiveFeminism part 2 with Lizzie 🖤

Lizzie and I bonded over feminism. She’s stuck up for me, and been a real sweetheart.

She’s passionate, talented, and fierce. My kind of gal.

Here’s #FestiveFeminism part 2 with the gorgeous Lizzie :

Would you say you’ve always been a feminist?

Absolutely. From the moment someone said boys could do more things than girls, i wanted to prove them wrong.

What’s your thoughts on celebrities coming out to the world, to say that they’re feminists?

it’s great, but it shouldn’t be. it should be a given that everyone wants equal rights.

Do you know a lot of feminists or do you feel like the odd one out?

i’m very lucky, i know a lot. i went to a girls school that encouraged us all to speak up and we’ve all realised the world isn’t always like that.

Who is your feminist icon?

Emma Thompson.

Is there anything with feminism that makes you question it?

The small things we fight over. Mansize tissues are so irrelevant when genital mutilation is still so rife – the priorities of some feminists are skewed.

What’s your favourite feminist song?

This sounds odd but i always loved “i don’t need a man” by the pussycat dolls growing up. belting out “i don’t need a man to make me feel complete” at 14 really reminded me of that!

Name a gender stereotype that you simply can’t tolerate?

that i make less money than my partner (i make more) that i should cook, that i’m dumber than my male equivalents. there are so many.

What sets your soul on fire? What are you most passionate about?

Music, singing. Being a girl that belts out the high notes – not playing an acoustic guitar like everyone expects

Do you think feminism is getting more popular?

i did, until trump got in. now it’s okay to think any minority is “less than”.

When you started your period, did you feel ashamed or did you embrace it?

I was so happy i’d caught up with my mates – but i lived with only my dad and it was awkward buying tampons initially. now he knows which brand i like if i need some urgently and i can tell him if i’ve got period pain and he’s fine. he’s the best. and i’m not embarrassed.

What’s your opinion on clothing brands currently putting the word ‘feminist’ all over their designs?

STOP. IT. particularly if those clothes are made in sweatshops where you don’t support human rights (which feminism is) and feminism is not a trend, it needs to be a constant.

Are you related to a feminist? If so who?

my dad, and my step mum is a die hard feminist. some other relations are very strong women who taught me but haven’t said the word “feminist” out and out to define themselves, they’re just fighters anyway.

Name a moment in your life that made you angry/hurt/frustrated with sexism?

when trump got in, i felt like i really mattered less than the men in the world and like no one was fighting with us. i wept. but there have been countless mind numbing things – a man, in the same role as me for the same time on the same money, getting worse feedback, telling me women belong in the kitchen. he got fired and i got promoted. doesn’t always work out in our favour though (frequently doesn’t)

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

you’re stronger than you know and you can handle a hell of a lot on your own. keep proving boys wrong!

We all know that Feminism means wanting equality, but if you had to describe your own personal spin on it what would you say?

the journey the world needs to take so my future daughters can walk down an alley late at night and not be scared. so they’ll experience things with no more fear than my future sons.

Feminists connect with this legend :

Follow her on twitter : @LizzieArkell

Follow her blog : https://lizziearkell.com

And one more thing : Feminism is for life not just for Christmas.


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