Mumsnet. What a bunch of c****

My very first blog post, that I ever wrote was about judgemental Mother’s and how much I can’t stand them. You know? The types that’ll judge you because your child couldn’t speak fluent Spanish by the time they were 6 months old. Or couldn’t play the flute age 3 months.

That’s pretty much the kind of shite you’ll see on mumsnet.

Don’t fret I’m no ‘Mumsnetter’ type. I’d rather have intercourse with my deceased cat. I only briefly signed up (well I was only allowed on there for an hour) to stick up for a bullied mother. I went onto Instagram to do my usual stalking. And I saw a Mum clearly very upset about a mumsnet thread about herself (the second one that’s happened in a couple of weeks) It wasn’t a nice thread in fact it was pure rancid. It was slagging off her Instagram, and how she comes across as a bad ‘annoying’ mother.

The things they were picking at were her lifestyle, and where herself and her only child live. Basically, taking the piss out of her being a working class mother. The irony that only yesterday I wrote a blog post about snobby middle class mums! Who’d have known.

I had to say something. I had to do something. No, I’m no hero, I’m not a perfect person either (far from it) but I can’t stand bullying. Especially by snobby twats hiding behind a keyboard, whilst they tell their little Hugo to “hush now dahhhling, I’m battering a peasant mother on Mumsnet again. Because I’m miserable and lonely and your father is fucking his secretary which makes me one sad cliché”

This resulted with me being BANNED from mumsnet. While the bullies still carried on. Mumsnet did delete a lot of the posts because they’re cowards who would rather shove the bullying under an internet rug and carry on. This is outrageous behaviour. Before being banned, I had a rummage through other posts, each one was filled with cliques being absolute cunts about anything and everything.

“Oh don’t look at that insta-mum she’s hideous and believes her own hype” things you’d only imagine reading from a bitchy teenagers diary.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of mums, dads and even children are being slagged off on this site. Repulsive stuff it really is.

What can we do? Not use mumsnet.

Do not collaborate in any way with them.

And ask Mumsnet how is this acceptable?

I’m sure the mum who was bullied is fine because she seems to be made out of tough stuff. And myself, well I didn’t lose any sleep over this. But what if someone out there is really hurt by something they see on this site? What if their Instagram page or child is being slagged off on there and they become haunted by those comments? Shame on you mumsnet. Shame on you.

Oh snob off

We live in a two bedroom apartment with three children. Some, well most people find that sad/awful/question us “when will you get a bigger place?” Truth is I really like our apartment. It’s modern inside and all white and feels like home. And I’m in no rush to move out. I think the pressure we get off other people makes my boyfriend think we are ‘failing’ or we aren’t doing good in life. But I just come from a different place of thought. I don’t care, I really don’t. So surely people should just…snob off?

At the park today, I overheard a group of mums with their (toddler) children, discussing schools. (Obviously they have lots of time until they have to worry about such a thing, but that is a part of being a mother!) “Oh god I would never send my child there” one said. Now. Just for the record we live in a middle class area, with great schools. The ‘bad’ schools are not bad at all. It’s all snobbery. I eye rolled so hard I eventually caused myself a headache. They whined on about how they just ‘couldn’t’ go this place or that. And it angered me. Probably more than it should. But it did.

Florence’s first home was in Exeter in a council estate area. Admittedly it wasn’t the loveliest of places but it was our first proper home. A place I didn’t rely on my parents for anything. We had to do it all ourselves, the cleaning, the food shopping, paying the bills. And at times it was tough. We raided the reduced section on food aisles and bought Florence’s things from charity shops. (Charity shopper till I die). Again some people would think ‘aww how sad’ but it was all a part of growing up and having a baby for me. I don’t look back in dread.

Living in Chandlers Ford can be quite triggering sometimes. I don’t like to use that phrase often as a lot of ‘millennials’ have over used it. I say this because it reminds me of my childhood in Guernsey. Also a place stacked high with snobbery in most homes and places. My parents worked hard and eventually afforded a bigger place etc. I respect them for this, I respect anyone who works hard and goes for whatever they want in life. But it didn’t make them happier.

If people are so quick to judge our life. What do they think about families living off food banks? Because a bloody lot of families in this country are doing so. Many children are turning up to schools hungry. Many young girls are turning up to schools without sanitary pads, ending up with an embarrassed young woman having to ask their teacher to provide one for them. This is unacceptable and heartbreaking. What can we do? Donate to food banks is an obvious one, but could I suggest not passing your snobbery down onto your little ones?

The grass isn’t always greener and all that jazz. This isn’t me attacking the rich, I want all people to be happy and treat another equally. But I think richer families should re think their ignorance. Someone who lives a different lifestyle might be over hearing your conversations. Good luck to you and your children. I really do feel sorry for them.

Snob off.