My Summer holiday survival guide

This is a useful and simple step by step guide on how to survive the summer holidays. The days may be long. But the weeks go quickly. Hold on tight, It’ll be over before you know it.

  1. Buy an iPad. Learn how to throw in a frisbee like action (without hurting child) if you cannot afford to buy one, steal one.
  2. Stock up on coffee. The more coffee you have the less breakdowns you endure.
  3. Bribe children with sweets and toys.
  4. Serve sweets for breakfast. This means that when the sugar rush is over, the afternoon will be filled with small sleepy zombies. Resulting in bed time being easier.
  5. Set bed time an hour earlier.
  6. If a fight breaks out amongst your children, stop drop and pretend to be asleep. This helps your children work out problems by themselves.
  7. Pretend to be the one in charge.
  8. Arrange as many play dates as possible. This means you can pile off your children onto another parent, whilst you sunbathe.
  9. If one of your children, tells you they’re bored, pretend you can’t hear them.

10. If your child continues to tell you they’re hungry, serve them only vegetables. Eventually they’ll give up.

Status quo

I’ve wanted to write a post for a while now. If you’re one of my (very many) readers, you’ll see it’s been a bit of a long time since my last.

The reason I haven’t is because I don’t sleep. Tell us something new? Parents near and far might be thinking. Yes I know. We are all tired. But my 9 month old doesn’t sleep much and my 2 year old suffers with night terrors.

Part of the reason for this is he’s related to two absolute legends, who’ve suffered with sleep walking/waking up in night and not remembering it, type stuff. So the poor sod didn’t stand a chance really did he?

You feel helpless whilst your toddler is laying down, eyes shut, rolling around screaming, so loudly that you’re scared he’s going to wake the neighbours. Apparently children do not remember their night terrors the next day. But as soon as we put Rex in his bed to go ‘nap naps’ as we call it he is suddenly triggered and panics like no tomorrow.

There’s lots of things that could cause these episodes. But I really do think a lot of this was caused by me. Yes classic mum move! but hear me out. I gave in to the pressures of other people’s advice. “You put Rex down to early” brigade have always been prancing around. It’s funny isn’t it? because most parents I know agree with me that, no matter what time you place your child down to go to sleep, they’ll still go ahead and wake up the same time the following morning. In our unfortunate, very depressing, soul destroying situation that happens to be 5 am.

Give Rex his due, he was going down at 5.30 pm. Yes I know it’s early (bugger off). He was still napping for three hours in the day also. Kid just loved his sleep back then (the good ol’ days) but fast forward to the dark ages, where we put him down at 7/7.30 pm and he still wakes up at 5am. This slow transition we took upon us (slowly put him down later and later each night) has back fired completely. It’s made him so over tired he refuses to nap most days. Going from 3 hour naps during the day to just 30 min nap in buggy.

So we’re going to go back to how things used to be. Because my sleeping beauty is struggling.

The moral of the story is, do what YOU think is best. Only YOU know your child’s needs.

Side note/ If a doctor advices against something for your child then perhaps shut up and listen. But don’t go around taking advice from anyone and everyone. 🙏🏻