Before you become a parent, you have this imagine of what it will be like. I always pictured certain events such as, their first tooth falling out or Christmas Day opening that gift they’ve always wanted.

Well it turns out no matter how hard you try, it’ll never work out how you had it in your mind. Thinking back to all the things I said I’d “never do when I have my kids” it did make me chuckle because I do *almost* all of these things.

So here’s a list of all the shit I swore down on my grandmothers grave that I’d never do. Soz Eileen.

I would never let my kid watch the tv for longer than an hour.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Ahh yeah that’s funny. When people come round for a cuppa and ask “oooo how do you keep your house tidy?” The TV of course! Who else is going to watch my kids for me?! The TV is the greatest thing not only does it keep your child entertained, it does this thing where it teaches your child new words such as “poop” or “NO” two words we all know come in handy.

I would never put my kids in those tacky cartoon character clothing

Some days the only way I can get out of the house, is to bribe Rex with his paw patrol socks. “Looooook Rex!! Today you can wear your chase socks!!??” It makes the day much more steady and keeps my sanity afloat. Want your kids to go to bed? Whack on some Peppa pig pyjamas. Want your kid to walk somewhere in the rain with no tantrum? pop on that Disney rain mac. Want your kid to be quiet? Gag them with a Mr Tumble t-shirt. HAAAAAAA of course I’m joking……….

I would never bribe my kids with biscuits

“OK FINE!! HERES THE LAST BISCUIT OUT OF THE PACKET THATS ALL OF THEM GONE!” 12 biscuits down, and I’ve got that nervous twitch coming on. What am I going to do if he wants another one???? Oh fuck it… I’ll have to go buy another packet for this afternoon. Make that two, just to be on the safe side.

I would never spoil my kids with toys they didn’t need

Well.. it’s the thought that I’d ever be that strong enough, that counts right?? “Listen kids, here’s the situation. I need to go into town today to get myself some bits so IF you behave *hands over packet of biscuits* I’ll get you a toy” *all nod in formation* 50 quid down later and I wish I hadn’t bothered going into town, considering a tenner was spent on myself.

What sort of things did you say you’d never do with your kids?

An interview with my cousin Olivia

She’s wise beyond her years, super sweet, smart and funny. So pleased to be related to her. I asked Olivia (goes by ‘Liv’) what it’s like being a teen while growing up in a social media obsessed world and if she’s a feminist (the answers do not disappoint).

Here goes…

1. What’s your fave thing to watch on Netflix right now?

American horror story – Evan Peters in particular.

2. What item could you not live without?

Does my cat count?

3. What do you like about growing up in Guernsey?

The safety, and the scenery. The sunsets are the best

4. Will you get a tattoo one day?

I’m so indecisive, but if I did I would want a small design on the right side of my rib.

5. Do you believe there’s a god?

No I’m an atheist. But I’m open to hearing opinions from others. It’s interesting to see how people view these sort of things.

6. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your days what would it be?

Noodles 100% I eat them way too much

7. Who is your best friend?

Eleri and Izzy they’re both amazing.

8. Best and worst thing about being the youngest sister?

Best – the free clothes. Half my wardrobe is Harry’s. And worst – being bossed around. There’s no point fighting it, just accept defeat.

9. Your favourite movie?

That’s a tough one. Probably The notebook, The breakfast club or Hocus Pocus (I grew up watching that movie)

10. Do you believe in ghosts?

I’ve never seen one. So I can’t say I do.

11. What’s it like growing up in a social media obsessed world?

Surprisingly enough it really opens your eyes. Watching so many people glued to their phones makes you understand what you look like and what you’re missing out on. It’s made me use my phone less. And I try to make others do the same (I’m starting the rebellion)

12. What would you like to do career wise one day?

A surgeon. I’ve always had an interest in science and the way we work. So one day being able to do what fascinates me so much and save others which doing so, is all I could ask for. Plus, growing up with so many blood tests, being squeamish, has never been a problem.

13. What’s scarier rats or spiders?

Spiders! If I believed in hell those things would come straight from there.

14. Who’s your fave Kardashian?

Probably Kylie. She managed to have a baby so young, and stayed looking so good? Amazing

15. Name three things you love about your parents?

1. My dads sense of humour

2. My dads taste in movies (we have the same)

3. My mum buys me things

16. If you were an animal what would it be?

A hummingbird, they’re small lively and colourful.

17. Skiing or surfing?

I’ve never been skiing so will have to say surfing. I have no balance though so it’s quite difficult.

18. If you had a super power what would it be?

Telekinesis, just so I could mess with my friends, and reach the remote across the room which is oh so far away.

19. Your fave book?

All the bright places by Jenifer Niven. I’ve read that book more times than I care to count.

20. What’s your fave and least fave class at school?

My favourite would be science I’m sat next to Eleri (funniest person I know) and we have my favourite teacher. Least would be ICT I swear that class never ends.

21. What’s your thoughts on feminism?

100% feminist. I believe in equality for men and for women. No suppression or discrimination on my watch.

22. Do you believe in any superstitions?

Not strongly, but I do have a habit of screaming at people who open their crisp packets the wrong way up. It’s just wrong.

23. What’s the worst lie you’ve ever told?

I’ve told someone I’m ok, when I really wasn’t.

24. Who’s the last person to text you and what does it say?

It was to my friend Evie, telling her I was “HIDING BEHIND A CORNER” as I saw some people I knew before we were supposed to meet

25. Name a song that makes you sad?

‘Lost without you’ by Freya Ridings

26. If you could give one of your teachers at school a makeover who would it be?

My science teacher Mr Taylor, I’d like to see what he looks like without a beard.

27. What is your skin care routine?

Every night after washing my face with a soap and glory facial wash, I use Clinique toner and moisturiser, then I use Mario Badescu drying lotion on any zits

28. You’re stuck in an elevator with one celebrity who is it?

Timothée Chamalet – I need to know how he gets his hair like that.

29. What’s your earliest memory?

I remember my crib. The feeling of the wooden bars, the cream walls and the teddies around them.

30. Describe our family in one word?


31. Where’s your fave place to hang out with your friends?

Fat rascals. It’s this cosy , hippy cafe in town. That serves the best hot chocolates and pancakes.

32. Have you ever been in love before?

Not yet.

33. In your friendship group which one friend do you go to for advice?

Definitely Izzy, she’s blunt and tells me what’s acceptable or not.

34. Name a skill you wish you were better at?

Speaking different languages. I want to be fluent in French, Spanish and Russian.

35. Are you a messy person or a tidy person?

I am obsessed with making my school work neat and tidy as possible but my bedroom.. not so much.

36. If you won a free holiday to go anywhere in the world where would it be?

Japan or Italy

37. Who is your fashion icon?

Myself, if I like it I wear it.

38. What’s it like being an auntie?

It reminds me to be on my best behaviour, I am a role model after all.

39. Name something you miss?

An old friend.

40. Your fave sport to watch?

I’ve been to a few rugby games to cheer on a friend. I stuck out like a sore thumb and screamed every time they hit each other. That sport is a VERY rough sport.

41. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Finishing up university and and getting ready for med school

42. Fave room in your house?

My bedroom it’s cozy and I feel the most myself there.

43. Would you be a Mermaid or unicorn?

Mermaid for sure. But I don’t think my hair is long enough for that.

44. Fave type of flower?


45. Do you believe in the accuracy of star signs?

No this Virgo has never believed.

46. How many phones have you broken?

I’ve never broken a phone and I’m very proud of that to be honest. I’ve probably jinxed that now!

47. What’s on your mind right now?

The movie ‘love simon’ it’s a very good movie

48. What was your fave childhood bedtime story?

Captain underpants. I lived for those books.

49. What was the last dream you had?

I was at my friends house and she kept screaming, at me to go around. And when I did, my friend from school was laying there. I reached my arm out and as I touched him my hand turned to water I started apologising trying desperately to catch the water as he shouted at me

50. If you could choose the sex of your unborn child would you?

A girl. She would be spoilt rotten.

51. Do you believe in karma?

No I don’t have enough religious belief for that. It’s certainly an interesting idea though

52. If you could ask me any question in the world what would it be?

What do you think hurts more? Giving birth or being kicked in the balls. I can’t have an opinion as I’ve experienced neither.

Alex : GIVING BIRTH pass it on!

53. Name something you adore about about your sisters?

They’re both so funny

54. What’s the longest time you’ve been on the phone for?

I sometimes don’t realise I’m on it when I’m by myself, so probably around an hour and a half

55. What do you feel most grateful in life?

My two best friends

56. Can you do a cartwheel?

Hell yeah I can. That’s all I used to do in year 6 I was obsessed with gymnastics (not that I was very good at it)

57. Have you ever played knock and run before?

No I haven’t I’m not exactly the rebellious type

58. Bath or shower?

Bath they’re so warm and comforting like a big water hug

59. Jeans or dresses?

Jeans are more practical but dresses are so pretty

60. Do you want to skydive one day?

Yes I was hoping to this year! But I’m not old enough so I’ll be able to then.

61. Would you ever go vegan?

I was actually thinking about going vegan for the summer. I am already vegetarian so it wouldn’t be that much of a change. But I would struggle to give up cheese.

62. What’s your fave social media site?

Tumblr (@livgibbs) it’s just so personalised to exactly me, I can express and share exactly what I want

63. Long or short hair?

Right now, short. It definitely looks better short than it did long.

64. Who’s the last person you hugged?

My friend before she went on holiday

65. Which board game will you never get bored of?

Happy families. I am the reigning champion. I am the best you will ever meet I can assure you.

66. Sweet or salted popcorn?


67. Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipgloss I never leave home without it

68. Name something you like about yourself?

I like my eyes

69. Name something that offends you?

When people make assumptions about me

70. What’s more important kindness or intelligence?

The right answer is kindness so I’ll go with that

71. Is Kanye a genius?

He supports Trump so no

72. Do you believe in heaven and hell?

No but it’s an interesting idea

73. If you had to stop one of the following : singing along to songs or taking selfies what would it be?

It would be taking selfies. Some songs are just too tempting

74. Coffee or tea?

Neither caffeine is gross

75. Your fave makeup brand?


76. Bella hadid or Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez I’ve been obsessed since she was on Disney channel

77. Cats or dogs?

Cats for sure Oliver in particular

78. Sunsets or sunrises?

Sunsets I don’t wake up early enough for sunrises

79. Donald Trump is a?

Danger to everyone

80. Tell us something we probably don’t know about you?

I am double jointed in my left thumb