Charity shop challenge

My charity shop challenge

Growing up, one of my favourite outings was a trip to the local charity shop. Playing in wedding dresses, and getting new books, was so much fun. Just before Christmas, I wanted to go for a little shop on oxford street, to have some ‘me time’. I was so bored and so uninspired by the clothing I saw in my favourite shops.

I never realised how ahead of the trends my friends were until that shopping trip. Thanks to them I was doing the whole, sports wear, sliders, Adidas everything, Nike air, Reebok trainer look 7 (maybe even longer!) Years ago. For me I find it dull because of that. I’m over it I need new inspiration. I don’t want to be wearing gym clothing unless I’m working out.

I’m a firm believer, in saving my energy and not getting angry at everything in this crazy world. I’ve narrowed it down to three subjects/areas to be passionate about, else I’ll be here all day getting mad. So I’ve thought why not apply the same approach to my wardrobe. The only place I shop, that sets my soul on fire, is vintage clothing from charity shops.

Finding pieces of clothing for two or three pounds, which then all goes to charity, that you’ve wanted for a long time is such a good feeling. Recycling clothes is so much better for the planet. So it’s a win/win situation. I love the fact that the jacket I’m wearing, has a history, a story behind it. It might’ve been worn during someone’s first kiss. Maybe it’s witnessed heart break, perhaps it’s seen all the wonders of the world. Who knows.

So I’m setting myself a challenge. For this whole entire year, I’m only going to buy myself clothes from charity shops. There isn’t anything I really need when it comes to clothing. So if I can’t get it there, I don’t need it. If I can’t find anything in the store, then so be it because I don’t really NEED anything. It’s good to learn the difference between need and want in this material world.

There’s a great interview I watched, a while back. With Kurt Cobain. He was being asked about fame, money etc. And he replied, something along the lines of, that he doesn’t get that same feeling, of walking into a vintage store and finding something precious, and that he really missed that feeling. And nothing beats that. That really stuck with me because I know exactly what he meant by it. I get that feeling every time.

I’m heading up to London this weekend, and it’s a nice but strange feeling knowing I’m not going to waste time getting annoyed by repetitive clothing on the high street. I’ll be saving so much money from setting myself this challenge. And I’ll let you all know, how I’m getting on in 6 or so months time. Wish me luck! And pray for me.



Are you kidding me?

We all go through those painful moments of ‘please, hole from the ground swallow me up NOW’. But when time passes by they seem to not matter as much, we learn to laugh and joke about them, they shift from KILL ME NOW to HA remember that time?

Here are my top 3 most embarrassing moments (so far). My time is unfortunately not up yet in that department.

1. That time I had a chunk of pizza in my hair

I had just given birth to Florence and as a gift for becoming a new Mumma, Spencer (Florence’s daddy) booked me in for a hair salon appointment, to get my mop sorted out. I wanted to get a few highlights put in. As I walked in I felt really anxious, as I don’t feel that confident in salons – I feel like I’m being judged at all times, because my hair is a right mess! (Even though most of the time my anxiety is just making it up in my head). I took a deep breath and tried to enjoy it all. I sat down and a stylist came over, a pretty young blonde not that much older than me. She started combing my hair into segments. As she reached the back of my head, she pulled my hair firmly back, which lead me to ask “what’s wrong?” She looked at me in genuine shock and disgust and said “you have half a slice of pizza caught in your hair” I was so embarrassed I couldn’t feel my face. It would’ve been less embarrassing if I had pissed myself all over that chair.

2. That time I tripped up in all the right places

You know at prom when they hand out and do those cringe, and very pointless awards. Well guess who won “The clumsiest person award”…yours truly. I hadn’t even been at that school for long, which says it all! As I go up to collect this thing, I trip up on the second step, I stumble then fall onto the stage, hitting my head on the microphone stand, which then made it tip over. Yep. KILL ME NOW. My prize was a first aid box, and it really did feel like a prize that night.

3. That time I wanted to fly away with the birds

I was on this date with a guy, who I had liked for a very long time. And sadly I couldn’t even believe I was on a date with him (you know those insecure teenage days). We had the most amazing lunch, and I had even managed to not get any food in my teeth BOOM. We then decided to get ice cream from an ice cream stand down the street. As we were walking down, I noticed so many birds were flying about, it was like something out of a Hitchcock movie. I got my ice cream and we turned away to go off for a walk, I had barely started to walk when a bird flew down, grabbed my ice cream, then another bird shat on my arm and then another on my face. Seriously of all places?! My. Fucking. Face.

For some really wild and strange reason, I never heard back from that guy ever again.

Love Alex