My name is Alex and I’ve always liked my name. I love Netflix, black nail varnish and have an inappropriate crush on Jeremy Clarkson and I like to paint. Star Wars gives me goose bumps and Amy Winehouse makes me cry. I don’t have tons and tons of friends but the ones I have are very special and unique and also very talented. I wasn’t brought up in a calm environment, but I grew up surrounded by very fierce, loud and rather opinionated women. My little sister is a lesbian and my other sister is in the army. I’m a vegetarian and my hair has been dyed every colour under the sun. I don’t do gender stereotypes, I wear men’s clothing and feel my best with a shaved head. Up until the age of 21 I was trying to fit in. I now have the confidence to just be me. I love Corbyn and I voted remain. Piers Morgan does hurt my feelings and I would label myself a proud snowflake with immense passion and empathy. I’ve only recently gotten engaged to the love of my life and all three of my children are rockstars. I am a sexual assault survivor with a long history of depression and anxiety struggles. I think Ed Sheeran is very overrated. And I think Lady GaGa is one of the greatest singers of all time. This is only a small part of me. Even though I blog, write and make silly videos, I am a private person so please keep that in mind! Have fun reading my random things

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Alex 🖤